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Payment for a package deal. while you are paying for three hours of remote service at $90 you receive 4th hour free. **

​Payment is for 2 hours of remote sessions at $60. **

Remote Sessions

Service and repair

Payment is for a complete basic factory reset of computer including user backup and transfer.

Payment is for two hours of computer software repair.

Payment is for a package deal. While you are paying for three 2 hour classes at $90 you receive the 4th one free. *

 Classes (GROUP)

Payment is for a one hour computer software repair or diagnosis.

** Client has flexibility of splitting times as long as they meet the time frame paid for.

Payment is for one 1 hour remote session at $30. **

Payment for one 2 hour class session is $30.*

* Each class is free and repeatable at no extra charge depending on seat availability.

Payment is for two 2 hour class sessions at $60. *

Payment is for a complete factory reset of computer including user backup and transfer with up to 3 software disc installs and setup.